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Archaeological Field Evaluation  

An archaeological field evaluation (EV) will determine, as far as is reasonably possible, the nature of the archaeological resource within a specified area using appropriate methods and practices. These will satisfy the stated aims of the project, and comply with the Code of conduct, Code of approved practice for the regulation of contractual arrangements in field archaeology, and other relevant by-laws of the CIfA.

The definition of an archaeological field evaluation is a limited programme of non-intrusive and/or intrusive fieldwork, which determines the presence or absence of archaeological features, structures, deposits, artefacts or eco-facts within a specified area or site on land, inter-tidal zone or underwater. If such archaeological remains are present, field evaluation defines their character, extent, quality and preservation, and enables an assessment of their worth in a local, regional, national or international context as appropriate.

Archaeological Field Evaluation trench digging.
Archaeological Field Evaluation trench digging.
Archaeological Field Evaluation trench digging.
The purpose of an EV is to gain information about the archaeological resource within a given area or site (including its presence or absence, character, extent, date, integrity, state of preservation and quality), in order to make an assessment of its
merit in the appropriate context, leading to one or more of the following:

  • the formulation of a strategy to ensure the recording, preservation or management of the resource.
  • the formulation of a strategy to mitigate a threat to the archaeological resource.
  • the formulation of a proposal for further archaeological investigation within a programme of research.
In undertaking an archaeological field evaluation, HRS Wales will liaise with the appropriate authorities, produce a site report based on the results and organise a publication in a relevant academic journal where necessary.  Should there be further mitigation measures required during or following the evaluation work, then HRS Wales is able to provide these, subject to contract.
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