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Small Scale Excavations  

An archaeological excavation (EX) will examine and record the archaeological resource within a specified area using
appropriate methods and practices. These will satisfy the stated aims of the project, and comply with the Code of conduct, Code of approved practice for the regulation of contractual arrangements in field archaeology, and other relevant by-laws of the CIfA. It will result in one or more published accounts and an ordered, accessible archive.
The definition of archaeological excavation is a programme of controlled, intrusive fieldwork with defined research objectives which examines, records and interprets archaeological deposits, features and structures and, as appropriate, retrieves artefacts, ecofacts and other remains within a specified area or site on land, inter-tidal zone or underwater. The records made and objects gathered during fieldwork are studied and the results of that study published in detail appropriate to the project design.
The purpose of excavation is to examine the archaeological resource within a given area or site within a framework of defined research objectives, to seek a better understanding of and compile a lasting record of that resource, to analyse and interpret the results, and disseminate them.

Image of a Level photo being taken.
Image of Small Scale Excavations.
HRS Wales is able to offer small-scale excavation work if required and in undertaking an archaeological excavation, HRS Wales would liaise with the appropriate authorities, produce a comprehensive site report based on the results and organise a publication in a relevant academic journal where necessary. 

Should there be further mitigation measures or post excavation work required  as a result of the work, then HRS Wales is able to provide these, subject to contract. As a result of excavation work, there may also be the need for specialist input at the post excavation stage, with elements such as radiocarbon dating, specialist pottery analysis, dendrochronological studies, palaeoenvironmental assessment etc. HRS Wales is able to provide these services if required, subject to consultation with the appropriate authorities and contract.
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